Data scientist

Technology domains: Python, Scala, Apache Beam, SQL, Docker, GCP
Location: Paris, France
Duration: CDI
Keywords: Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), proptech

Square Sense

Square Sense is a fast-growing platform that provides advanced data solutions to global real estate developers, investors and managers. The company builds AI-powered “brains” that improve the operational and financial performance of real estate assets by providing real-time pattern detection and autonomous optimization. They also greatly enhance the overall experience for the tenants.

Square Sense was founded in 2017 in Paris by a multi-cultural team of talented engineers and data scientists.

Data science @ Square Sense

In Square Sense's data science team we are building products that use data from multiple data sources, including various sensor and actuator technologies (e.g., HVAC, lighting, smart meters, people counting, occupancy sensor, air quality). These products leverage various AI-driven algorithms (based on statistics, probabilistic models, machine learning, deep learning) to extract actionable business insights, optimize the operational and financial performance of real estate assets, and enhance tenants' experience.

Our data processing technology stack includes scikit-learn, Pandas, OpenCV, Keras, TensorFlow, Python, Apache Beam, Scala, Docker, and various Google Cloud Platform services (AI Platform, Dataflow, BigQuery, Storage). We are responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating various algorithmic solutions, and identifying and evaluating promising technologies.


As a data scientist you will a member of the data science team. You will be responsible for extracting insight from all kinds of data to help shape or meet specific business needs and goals. One of your primary objectives will be designing and implementing algorithms to analyze large amounts of data in an automated fashion. This position implies close collaboration with members of the data engineering team, who are responsible for the implementation of the data ingestion components, the data warehouse, and overall architecture and production delivery. The workflow of a data scientist is:

  • Assess business needs and goals, formulate hypotheses, and state a data analysis problem.
  • Research and compile the state of the art of the problem at hand.
  • Collect data on variables of interest.
  • Perform exploratory data analysis: prepare data, experiment, test hypotheses.
  • Design, prototype, implement different algorithmic solutions.
  • Analyze results and evaluate implemented solutions (performance, cost, limitations).
  • Synthesize evaluation results, justify the choice of one or several solutions.
  • Continuously improve the product by reassessing how the implemented solution meets business needs and goals.

This position assumes also the following activities:

  • Work within a Scrum framework with your teammates and in collaboration with other teams.
  • Write automated tests (unit tests, integration tests) for new features developed by yourself.
  • Deliver updated systems to production for use by end-users.
  • Participate in the architecture design of Square Sense products.


We are looking for a data scientist with 4+ years of experience in any data science related field. A Ph.D. with a strong industrial and/or implementation component counts. Candidates for this position are expected to have:

  • A solid background in mathematics, linear algebra, probabilities, and statistics
  • Academic publications that included an implementation component or relevant industry experience that delivered a system to production
  • Experience implementing and training machine learning models and algorithms: statistical models, learning algorithms (unsupervised, supervised, and/or reinforced learning), probabilistic models (Bayesian, graphical models)
  • Solid Python programming skills, Java or Scala programming experience, and solid knowledge of programming in general: data structures, algorithmic complexity analysis, object oriented and functional programming, parallel and distributed computing, debugging
  • Experience with relational databases and non-relational databases
  • A taste for learning and a drive for developing innovative products
  • A taste for high quality software (clean code, high test coverage, willingness to do thorough pull request reviews)

Knowledge in following areas is a plus:

  • TensorFlow/Keras
  • Apache Beam
  • Docker
  • Usage of Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Agile methodology and Scrum in particular

Being passionate about data science ourselves, we are looking for a likewise passionate person with a good team spirit. We offer a competitive salary and work in a great location in the center of Paris.

To apply for this position, please send us your CV to with the subject line "Data scientist".