Full-stack web development internship

Data visualization dashboard

Contact: careers@square-sense.com
Technology domains: JavaScript (ES6+), Python, Flask, GraphQL, React, PostgreSQL, AWS, GCP
Location: Paris, France
Duration: 6 months

Square Sense

Square Sense is a fast-growing platform that provides advanced data solutions to global real estate developers, investors and managers. The company builds AI-powered “building brains” that support the digital transformation of investment and asset management, and improve the operational and financial performance of real estate assets.

These brains provide real-time pattern interpretation of user community profiles and service performance, and enable autonomous optimization to greatly enhance the user experience for the tenants and the asset/portfolio management strategy execution such as investment, net income or ESG.

Square Sense was founded in 2017 in Paris by a multi-cultural team of talented engineers and data scientists.

Software engineering @ Square Sense

In Square Sense's Software Development Team we are building a multitude of products in the domains of data collection, analysis, and visualization. Our systems collect data from various physical sensors or third-party data sources, process ingested data in streaming and batch modes, organize processed data and provide visualizations for it.

Our main programming languages are Python, Scala and JavaScript. Our technology stack includes various technologies for web development among which are Flask, GraphQL, JavaScript, React, Flow and others, and other technologies such as Apache Beam / Google Dataflow, Docker, Kubernetes, various Amazon Web Services (ECS, Fargate, RDS, DynamoDB, Elastic Beanstalk) and Google Cloud Platform services (Dataflow, GKE).

All team members are responsible for the overall design and architecture, development, quality, production delivery, and monitoring.


As a member of the Software Development Team you will be guided by Lead Developer. The primary goal of this internship is to evolve and improve a data visualization system, and deliver your modifications regularly to production for end users. This includes design of data models and API layer (GraphQL), and work on back-end server (Python, Flask, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, GCP AppEngine, Postgres, AWS DynamoDB), front-end web application (EcmaScript 7, React, Flow, AWS CloudFront) as well as improvements of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes. Your tasks will include:

  • Work within a Scrum framework with your teammates and in collaboration with other teams: research & data science, project management.
  • Design and develop source code for a multitude of Square Sense products in order to deliver new functionalities or modify existing behavior of our data visualization dashboards.
  • Write automated tests (unit tests, integration tests) for new features developed by yourself, or previously existing ones.
  • Deliver updated systems to production for use by end-users.
  • Work on improvements of everyday team productivity (automation of existing processes, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery).
  • Participate in the architecture design of Square Sense products.


We are looking for a student interested in full-stack web development and systems design that is studying for a postgraduate degree in engineering, a master (M2), or an equivalent university course and is looking for a 4-month or a 6-month internship. Candidates for this position are expected to have knowledge of and be autonomous with:

  • JavaScript (EcmaScript 6+)
  • Python

Knowledge in following areas is a plus:

  • React.js
  • Relational and/or non-relational databases
  • Usage of Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Agile methodology and Scrum in particular
  • Linux

Being passionate about IT ourselves, we are looking for a likewise passionate person with a good team spirit. We offer a competitive salary and work in a great location in the center of Paris.

To apply for this position, please send us your CV to careers@square-sense.com with the subject line "Full-stack web development internship: Data visualization dashboard".